Student Calling Center

The Virginia Tech Student Calling Center is a student-staffed fundraising program. Student callers contact alumni, parents, and friends to build relationships, provide information about the university, answer questions, address any comments or concerns, and promote investing in higher education. Callers also ask alumni and friends for updates on their careers and contact information. This personal contact is the best way to communicate important campus news and explain the importance of the Annual Fund.

Each year, the Virginia Tech Annual Fund solicits alumni and friends to help support research and programs across the university. What better way to hear about the importance of supporting Virginia Tech than from a student who is benefitting from your generosity right now!

When you get a call, feel free to ask questions about the latest campus updates. An alumnus sharing their collegiate experiences with a student caller through the telling of priceless stories spreads invaluable wisdom and teaches the student the importance of investing in Virginia Tech.